Aptitude & Integrity Assessment

Resumes and background checks give you the When, What, and Where of an applicant’s history. Assessment testing fills out the picture of Who: the capabilities, the character, and the personality of the potential employee.  These tests are proven to identify probable characteristics that will affect individuals’ success in their career and compatibility with your work team.

Assessment testing is also a benefit for the newly-hired employee: by knowing their strengths and weaknesses, managers can better place them where they will be productive and satisfied. They will know how to tailor job training to best serve both the employee and the company.  And when promotion time rolls around, managers will know who measures up and who needs more time and attention to hit the mark.

Once the applicant completes the questionnaire, the AIA System sends an email to the HR professional notifying that the reports are ready to review.  The System assimilates responses to the full spectrum of questions and presents the findings in four perspectives/reports.

  • Personality
  • Employee Attitude
  • Engagement
  • On-boarding