Why Choose BCG SmartCheck?

There are many options for aptitude appraisal, background screening, and drug & alcohol testing, and on the surface one solution may seem as good as another.  But BCGSmartCheck offers key advantages and the highest level of support and confidence.

  1. Personalized Service.  Every BCGSmartCheck client has a dedicated consultant who knows their business, practices, and needs.  This consultant is available to handle the talent screening process from contacting the applicant and guiding them through the process (whether it be apititude assessment, background screening, or substance testing) and keeping the client informed throughout the process.  Regardless of who initiates the screening process, this consultant reviews all results and, as needed, gives assistance in interpreting their significance and understanding the legal or regulatory implications that could be encountered.
  2. Expedited Processes.  Testing and screening involves credit-reporting agencies, state and county jurisdictions, database search engines, and forensic testing laboratories.  BCGSmartCheck‘s consultants maintain close relationships with these third parties and take responsibility to move the process along as quickly as possible and to keep their client informed of the process and potential issues.
  3. Credible Findings.  Whether investigating criminal records or testing for substance usage, BCGSmartCheck‘s partners adhere to the highest standard of rigor and compliance to minimize the risk of basing a hiring decision on faulty information.  Throughout the process the BCGSmartCheck consultant reviews their findings and probes their conclusions.

Finding and hiring the right talent to build your workforce is challenging and costly.  Whether your talent acquisition process is driven by a Human Resources department or as collateral responsibility of senior or line managers, BCGSmartCheck works as an extension of your team to make right choice.