Employee Attitude Report


Employee Attitude Report

The Attitude Fit tool shows the candidate’s attitudes toward work and work-related issues by measuring for counter-productive behaviors. The attitude assessment measures counterproductive behaviors during the pre-hire screening process.  The following scales are measured using the Attitude assessment:

  • Hostility (Aggression)

Describes the degree to which the person is or is not able to suppress angry feeling but rather expresses anger physically or verbally to co-workers and thus poses a real risk in the workplace.

  • Conscientiousness (Dependability)

Describes the degree to which the individual demonstrates or lacks persistence, work motivation, and organization, ranging from being lackadaisical and careless to being highly disciplined and dependable.

  • Integrity (Honesty)

Involves the degree to which the person is or is not likely to engage in pilferage, short-changing customers, falsifying expense accounts, lying to protect himself/herself, exaggerating one’s job qualifications and other acts of dishonesty.

  • Credibility (Good Impression)

A validity scale that measures the degree to which the person has responded truthfully to the test items, or is responding in such a way as to simply make a good impression.

  • Sexual Harassment

Anticipates the likelihood that this person will ask co-workers for sexual favors, make sexual remarks that upset colleagues, tell dirty jokes, or otherwise behave inappropriately at work.

  • Computer Misuse

Describes the possibility that this person might abuse the organization’s computers to send and/or receive personal e-mails, surf the Web, transact personal business, or otherwise violate company computer-use policies.