Criminal Record Searches


These are used to determine if an applicant/ employee has a felony, misdemeanor, or other infraction filed within the last seven or ten years.   Only information that is FCRA-compliant is included in reports.

Nationwide Criminal/Sex Offender Searches: Powerfully comprehensive multi-jurisdictional searches of national databases of criminal arrests that have dispositions (including pending decisions etc.). These include infractions/violations, misdemeanors, and felonies. This also searches national databases of sex offender registries from public state, local, territorial, and tribal jurisdictions.

Federal Criminal Searches: Federal crimes include any crime in violation of the US Constitution, crimes against functions of a federal agency; crimes that occur on federal property or cross state lines; crimes that violate both federal and state legislation; as well as crimes that may not fall under state or local laws.  In addition to capital crimes, examples include kidnapping, counterfeiting, embezzlement, internet and computer crimes, racketeering, etc. These searches report on federal criminal filings/convictions. Available from over 90 federal districts throughout the US.

State Criminal Searches: Searches of non-federal criminal filings/convictions within individual states/commonwealths.  Sources may include State Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, county courts and specific state sex offender registries from that state, and vary by state.

County Criminal Searches: All-inclusive series of searches of non-federal crimes performed by investigators who personally research the records at all the county offices in which the applicant has a record of residence, the data is current as of the same day.  Reports can be based on 7-year or 10-year horizons (subject to FCRA and state regulations).

Global Watchlist Search: Searches of global databases to identify individuals linked to terrorism or appearing on various government watch and sanction lists. Results include information from US Agencies (including the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) as well as criminal and civil databases of other countries, institutions and international law enforcement agencies.

International Criminal Searches: Searches performed by investigators in the designated country, accessing a range of judicial and law enforcement environments.