Occupational Health Services

Whether it is the impact of a generation that may be under-immunized or a generation that is aging, the workforce in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors is increasingly faced with the need to consider occupational health services.

Many work environments, such as healthcare and family services, require pre-employment screenings or human performance evaluations (HPEs)  Other environments, such as manufacturing and logistics, benefit from preventive or remedial programs to maintain an effective workforce.  At the same time, a small but growing number of organizations have implemented health screening as an employee benefit.  Whether you are considering health screening/remediation programs to fulfill a regulatory or industry requirement or as a strategic initiative, BCGSmartCheck provides a full spectrum of options and the guidance and support to facilitate the process from scheduling visits through report posting.

Today’s occupational health service needs span both the pre-employment and post-hiring phases.  These could involve health clearances and mandated immunizations as well as injury prevention programs and occupational therapy that provides customized intervention to improve an employee’s ability to perform everyday activities. Wellness programs range from injury prevention solutions to substance abuse support.