Civil Record Searches

These are used to determine if an applicant/ employee has non-criminal suits filed by individuals or corporations such as civil-rights violations, product-liability suits, liens for non-performance, judgments for nonpayment of goods, and litigation related to fraud, delinquency, discrimination, malfeasance, divorce, marriage, or child custody.

 Federal Civil Court Searches: Federal cases include any claims in violation of the US Constitution, claims against functions of a federal agency; claims (such as those listed above) that cross federal or state borders; as well as claims that may not fall under state or local civil laws.  These searches report on federal filings/judgements.  Available from over 90 federal districts throughout the US.

County Civil Court (Upper and Lower Courts) Searches: Wide-ranging multi-jurisdictional searches of national databases of civil filings at the county level.  Most states divide their lower and upper county courts based on the monetary amount of the lawsuit or claim.