Policies and Choices

From creating the organizational policies through providing direct access to initiate the drug/alcohol screens, BCGSmartCheck gives you the hands-on support to turn a potentially damaging situation into a program for success.

BCGSmartCheck offers a complete set of drug testing options (Urine testing, Saliva testing, and Hair testing) and offers clients their choice from the two largest global forensic labs.  The optimal selection of drug tests, both in terms of types and the scope of testing, can have a significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of the drug screening program.

As part of our standard client service, Brandywine provides the personal advice to structure the best drug policy and testing protocol for each client’s needs and monitors the progress of tests daily.

Each method of testing has its merits and limitations and the choice of which method (or the decision to utilize a combination of methods) should be made based on the work environment and the anticipated impact of substance abuse on the workforce and the work product. 

In brief, saliva tests identify drug usage over the past 24 hours and detects blood alcohol levels at the time of the test.  Urine tests detect drug usage over a 3 to 5 day horizon.  Hair tests identify drug usage over the past 90-day period.

In addition, Brandywine maintains a current understanding of drug usage/testing regulations across all fifty states as well as local jurisdictions and keeps its clients appraised of developments that affect them.