BCG SmartCheck announces a new monitoring service as part of its BusinessAware Solution.

For those businesses that need to keep ahead of potential changes in partners’ or customers’ financial stability, BusinessAware now offers monthly or quarterly alerts on key business and financial indicators.

As the recent Pandemic painfully showed, the stability of companies can change dramatically and the ripple effect can expand quickly

Even without a once-in-a-century adverse influence, market pressures and internal changes in an organization can erode its ability to continue to sustain its business or to maintain a positive payment pattern with its vendors/partners.

As part of its BusinessAware solution, Brandywine now provides an option to deliver monthly or quarterly monitoring that sends email alerts to BusinessAware clients of customer’s or partners’ changes (both positive and negative) to trade payment trends as well as to significant corporate events such as significant milestone announcements, changes in leadership, lawsuits filed or judgements/liens levied.

For more information about BusinessAware, contact Ben Ventresca, Managing Partner – Brandywine Consulting Group, Inc at 610.696.1905.

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