BCG SmartCheck BusinessAware… getting to know your partners.

Whether beginning a new business relationship, with a company or individual, as a collaborator or a client, Smart decisions begin with knowing with whom you are dealing.

Deciding who we want to work with in growing our business is a task that is made more effective by gathering meaningful information before getting too far down the road.  Typically, when growing by merger/acquisition discovery becomes a fundamental first-step in the process.  However, discovery during organic growth typically gets much less attention.

Brandywine announces BusinessAware, a new extension of BCG SmartCheck, designed to help businesses grow their business by making informed decisions about the companies and individuals that they add as business partners or clients/customers.

BusinessAware offers a spectrum of investigations customized to fit the nature of the relationship and the magnitude of risk.  These solutions range from the investigation of public domain or established third-party sources and legal filings/judgements to direct collected verifications and references.

Whether deciding on the amount of credit to set for a new business customer or on whether to form a business partnership with another firm, BusinessAware has the expertise to compile and interpret the facts needed to make an informed choice.

For more information about BusinessAware, contact Ben Ventresca, Managing Partner – Brandywine Consulting Group, Inc at 610.696.1905.

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